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The Protection of Personal Information Act

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The Protection of Personal Information Act

With reference to The Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act, 2013 (Act no. 4 of 2013) &
Protection of Information Act, 1982 (Act no. 84 of 1982), that I am familiar with, BY ACCESSING AND USING

* To Protect to the fullest extent required by law ALL information in any format displayed or obtained from this SYSTEM.

* TO NEVER USE or SHARE information obtained from this SYSTEM in anyway that is detrimental to the Government
   or its employees and/or suppliers and I will strictly observe all confidentiality protocols.

* That my computer user account is EQUIVALENT to my LEGAL SIGNATURE.

* I WILL NOT disclose the USER ID or PASSWORD to anyone or allow anyone other than self to access the system using
   my account information.

* I understand that I am RESPONSIBLE for all entries made and all information accessed under my user account, even if
   such action was committed by myself or another due to my intentional or negligent actions.

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